quality systems & processes

the power of proper planning and communication

a system for customer satisfaction

Every business marketing manager wants to have a say in the marketing of their organisation. Why would you leave your corporate communications to chance? That's why at icu2, we engage with our clients from the word go, from the briefing and planning, right through to the delivery of the finished product. We wont leave you in the dark.

Our systems for branding, marketing and web design & development, ensure you consistently get the service you expect, whilst encouraging on-going communication between icu2 and the client at all stages of the creative and technical process.

the marketing brief

When we first start working with your business, the first thing we do is conduct a 100 point marketing brief. This comprehensive brief ensures we have as much information about; your business, your product/service, your clients and your competitors. By gathering information about your business, we are able to extract the information required to make valuable recommendations about your marketing, branding and positioning strategy. It also ensures that everyone is reading from the same page.

web design & development brief

When it comes to understanding your business, the Web Design & Development Brief ensures we capture all the information we need to create synergy in the team. We will cover all aspects of your business in the brief; your vision and mission, your market, even taking into account your competitors and a SWOT analysis to understand exactly what it is that you are trying to achieve.
A thorough briefing at the start of a project, is the foundation of a great customer experience. This central document creates consistency across all aspects of our service, ensuring that the team working on your project, understands your business.

website architecture document

Prior to commencing with any major project, icu2 will provide you with a detailed website architecture document. This document is the road map to your website, and helps you better understand our technical recommendations. It also helps you manage your site after the job is complete. Once the structure has been agreed upon, icu2 will provide you with a project plan, documenting the entire project, responsibilities and milestones. This project plan becomes the central management document for your entire project and is updated on a daily basis.

the project plan

Once the website structure has been agreed upon by client and developer, the next step is to prepare a project plan. This project plan becomes the backbone for the production and roll out of the project, and is updated on a daily basis by the project leader. In addition to serving as a valuable internal document to monitor project budgets (we call them Total Time Limits), the document also provides us with a means by which we can keep track of the schedules on individual tasks, to make sure the project is running on time and on budget. The project plan also outlines responsibilities and milestones. Furthermore, with the introduction of a new project management system called WorkEtc, icu2 will be able to provide a variety of charts and reports that the client can login and check at any time.

the progress report

We also provide regular progress reports to keep consistent open dialogue between us and the client. In addition to updating clients on how the project is progressing in terms of delivery, it is also a great opportunity for the client to provide feedback on the project.

quality control sign-offs

At icu2, we have implemented stringent quality control procedures to ensure you consistently get the quality that you expect from your web design & development company. This covers all aspects of the project, from the initial consultation, through to the development and roll out/transition of your new website.