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For a meaningful optimisation of your website, it is essential to conduct comprehensive keyword research. Fortunately for you, we understand that no two online businesses are the same and will develop a targeted keyword strategy taking into account all aspects your website in a highly competitive online landscape. We will even suggest short and long term objectives and plan of attack for your content development.

The method

As every website is different, every keyword analysis is equally bespoke. icu2 will tailor a keyword targeting strategy to your very specific requirements. In addition to a keyword analysis report, we will prepare all the writing briefs with very clear instructions on the most valuable keywords for specific topics.

The Keyword Analysis Report includes analysis of;

• Keyword Density
• Keyword Proximity
• Domain Name
• Metadata
• Headings
• Anchor Text Report

The Writers Brief

In addition to an SEO and keyword analysis, an SEO consultant will prepare a writers brief. This document provides copywriters all the information they need to effectively develop effective SEO content. This brief covers all bases when it comes to writing optimised content including;

• Keywords
• Phrases
• Density
• Proximity
• Headings
• Titles
• Descriptions
• Metadata

Upon completion of articles, all articles are tested by an SEO consultant to ensure all keyword requirements are met.